Performer experience

Participation is conducted on a volunteer basis. Down the line we hope to hire a composer for theme music, an artist for graphics, and even pay our actors for future productions. Our current show will be strictly a labor of love.

Those interested in getting involved are invited to create characters, write scenes, perform, design their costuming and put together their set decorations—all within the parameters of the show's theme. If interested, email, or better yet, join the Broken Wall Facebook group.

2020 Elements of Divination SCHEDULE
Casting announcement: September 07, 2020
Costume & set proposal deadline: October 01, 2020
Scripts to be delivered: November 01, 2020
Filmed scenes due: December 01, 2020
YouTube premiere: December 31, 2020

The show's team members may view the show at no charge, as many times as they like, should they wish to see all 70+ scenes.